ACTV  Public Access Classes

ACTV offers free classes on television production to residents of Amesbury MA. We offer an introductory access class on the second Thursday of every month from 7pm, until 9pm. These classes will focus on using field cameras, microphones and tripods. This is a mandatory class in order to borrow equipment from ACT. No experience is necessary!

In order to ensure that there is enough interest in a class please sign up by the Tuesday before the scheduled class.


To sign up for a class please call 978-388-5900. 

  *If you are unable to attend the scheduled class, please call 978-388-5900 or email Tony at tony_noon@amesburyctv,org, to set up an alternative time.


The next class is:

Better Video for Social Media

January 18, 2018

This class will focus on using tools you already have around the house, and inexpensive accessories to help you make interesting videos for Youtube, Facebook, and other Social Media platforms.


Letter From The Executive Director.

Welcome to Amesbury Community Television.  Our sole mission is to serve the community of Amesbury by providing the necessary resources for residents and local organizations to create and display television programming.  We provide training as well as equipment and studio facilities and, in turn, Amesbury has a forum for communication that allows the flow of information and expression that only the medium of television can provide.   ACT is passionate about this mission and we are here to help our members accomplish their goals by providing support from start to finish.  We hope our efforts will make Amesbury a better place, a place where information and ideas can flow more freely and information is no further away than one of our access channels on local cable television.
ACT staff also produces programming.  We partner with Amesbury’s governmental and educational departments to produce programming that helps make residents aware of all that is going on in their city.  We also record and show various events around town to help Amesbury see itself better and be more proud of the many amazing things that it has to offer.
Please consider joining us.  Take a look at the information on this web site and you’ll see what we have to offer.  Contact one of our staff members to get started.  It’s not difficult.  It just takes a bit of time and effort to participate and I’m sure you’ll find the process very gratifying.  Bring your programming ideas to life or help others with theirs.  We need you to make our mission a success. Join ACTV!           

 -Russ Munroe, Jr.   Executive Director, Amesbury Community Television, Inc.