What is Public Access ?

Tony Noon   Public Access Coordinator

Tony Noon

Public Access Coordinator

There is a lot of confusion over what a Public Access  television program is.


Public Access television program is a noncommercial television program produced by members of a community for broadcast over the local  Public Access channel. 


In Amesbury, residents have access to studio, equipment and training free of charge . Any resident of Amesbury, who wishes to produce a television show, has access to these resources., provided they abide by the Amesbury Community Television Operating Proceedures.


Please note that while we do provide equipment, training and facilities; Amesbury Community Television is not responsible for programs produced as Public Access. As a result we can have no role in producing a Public Access program. Shows in which ACT does have a role in producing, are known as Local Origination  and are required to follow different rules and regulations by the FCC.

We are always looking for members to produce their own Public Access television programs. To that end we are instituting a monthly training session on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm in our facilities at Amesbury High School room 142. You can sign up here.