Amesbury Public Schools, Program Schedule

Week of October 3rd, 2016


Monday, October 3rd

  • 6:00pm Amesbury Educates   (R)
  • 7:00pm Amesbury School Committee Meeting    -LIVE
  • 10:30pm Amesbury Educates    (R)
  • 11:00pm Information Bulletin Board


Tuesday, October 4th

  • 7:00pm Amesbury High School Varsity Football vs Triton   -Recorded 9/30/16   (R)
  • 9:00pm Amesbury High School 2015 Lip Sync Contest   -Recorded 11/15/15   (R)
  • 10:30pm Information Bulletin Board

Wednesday, October 5th

  • 7:00pm Amesbury High School Classroom Speakers: “The MA Jury System”   -Recorded 3/17/16   (R)
  • 8:00pm Amesbury Middle School AMS Idol Faculty Karaoke Show   -Recorded 3/4/16   (R)
  • 9:30pm Information Bulletin Board  


Thursday, October 6th

  • 6:00pm Around Amesbury   -New Edition!   -Show 29    -Topic: MA Ballot Question 2
  • 7:00pm Amesbury High School 2016 Fall Sports Rally   -Recorded 9/30/16
  • 9:00pm AHS Magazine   (R)
  • 10:00pm Amesbury Educates   (R)
  • 10:30pm Information Bulletin Board

Friday, October 7th

  • 7:00pm Amesbury High School 2016 Fall Sports Rally   -Recorded 9/30/16   (R)
  • 8:30pm Amesbury 2nd Annual Anti-Bullying Breakfast    -Recorded 10/23/15   (R)
  • 10:00pm Information Bulletin Board

Saturday, October 8th

  • 8:00am Amesbury Educates    (R)
  • 9:00am Amesbury School Committee Meeting     -Recorded 10/3/16
  • 12:00pm Around Amesbury   -Show 29    -Topic: MA Ballot Question 2
  • 12:30pm Information Bulletin Board

Sunday, October 9th

  • 7:00pm From the Archive:

    Amesbury Middle School 2008 Geography Bee   -Recorded 1/10/08

  • 8:30pm From the Archive:

    Amesbury High School 2007 Powder Puff Football Game   -Recorded 11/19/07

  • 10:00pm Information Bulletin Board


Some Times May Be Approximate